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Help Needed:Modifying API/Macro to work with Multibody/Weldments too.

Question asked by Ken Kobmann on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2018 by Dave Bear

I am trying to upload/modify several custom property fields within Assemblies, Parts, Weldment, and Multibody parts. When is comes to VBA I know very little, but I do have the ability to take something that is already working great and ruin it in VBA. In all seriousness, if it was created by someone else and it is simple, I can usually follow the logic and modify it to work for me. I found a (API?) on the forum and it works well at pulling out the information from single parts or assemblies. It is looking into the custom properties "ActiveCell.Value = Model.GetCustomInfoValue("", AttrNimiSolu)" and extracting the data, and it will also import it back in and rewrite it. It was originally written by Markku Lehtola. There are more than a few things I don't understand about it, but I know it can't return data from the Weldment Properties if it is looking at just the properties text document. Its also has an active table range of  A-Z and I need it to go from A-CJ (That includes all my custom properties). What I would like it to do is run it as designed, but add a 3rd worksheet to run Multibody parts, with only the properties from the Weldment Properties text doc. I've tried every which way I can to modify the code with no positive results. I didn't know if adding the properties from the Weldments to the custom properties list would do anything? What I really could use is a little help from you gentlemen who know VBA. I have attached both the (API?) and a sample of the kind of part I need to import and export data from. I have also tied to export the data using #Task, and it returns a result of "True" down all the Excel columns, but it has been an awesome tool. Thanking you in advance.