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SW 2017 Updating Assemblies and Drawings that have not changed

Question asked by Jesse Powers on Nov 30, 2017

Sometimes when I'm working on a drawing, I pull a similar one up next to it as a guide.  But now when I switch between drawings, SW has to rebuild (maybe?) the drawing when I click on it even though nothing in the drawing or parts have changed since I clicked off of it... this happens with assemblies as well.


I only noticed today what SW's explanation of this might be because my machine was going slow and I saw a window pop up for a second that said "Components have been modified, updating assembly..."


No components had been modified.  Is this a setting that I can turn off?  Some kind of superfluous error checking or make-sure-assy/dwg-is-up-to-date thing?  It's awfully inconvenient.

(SW 2017 SP 3.0)