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Macro help! Flat pattern export of multiple parts within an assembly

Question asked by Michael Williams on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2019 by Wesley Shafer

Hi all,


I've been using these forums for years for various hints and tips and some of the information has been invaluable so thanks to all who have contributed!


I have an urgent need for some help with exporting multiple sheet metal files into flat patterns. Some of the files are in inches on our American server, and some are in millimeters on our European server.


We have thousands of drawing files so at this stage simply using a macro to sift through each assembly as and when required looks to be a temporary option.


What I am after is a macro to do the following when an assembly is open:


1. Open all sheet metal components within the assembly and export the flat pattern dxf files to a specified folder (not the same as the original location)


2. If the parts are in inches, I need the flat pattern dxf file scaling down to mm.


3. The dxf must be named "title_rev.dxf"


Would anyone be able to assist with this please? I have seen some similar macros on the forum but as I have no API experience, modifying them to suit is currently a task beyond me!


Ideally I would also like all part drawings, whether sheet metal or not to be opened up, converted to mm and exported as a pdf too if not too big of a task!


Best regards

Michael Williams