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Flag Note

Question asked by David Matula on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by David Matula

Having some hell with balloon in a drawing created by someone else.  Lots of fun.....I open the drawing and all the balloons go blank or loose the info in them and goes to a ?.

            The strange thing is that we set these balloons up to be custom text so why would they ever need to have a leader that touches the part if we are not putting in a bom we just like the function of the stacking that we get with the balloons vs the text.

            That brings me back to what I tell everyone to do is to start reading the screen.  So as I am going about and showing leaders and watching the custom text change to a "?" attaching the leader to the part somewhere, then making the text say what it was supposed to be..... I see

Flag notes...?   so I try to do this...cant get it to work.  Go to the help file that must have been written by COL. Flag from the MASH.


Least to say not very impressed with this functionality for what I am trying to get done.  Back to attaching leaders to parts so that the text does not turn to a Question mark when you open the file.