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Cable bend animation possible?

Question asked by Bojan Simonović on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2017 by Derek Parks

I wanna to show cable inserting into some socket. That kind of movement would deform cable. Since composer cant influence on parameters like extrude, revolve, sweep etc., its kinda hard to do this...


There is 2 methods that I found on internet but both of them didnt suit my requirements:


1.) Scaling along X or Y or Z axis. This is good method but for big dimension cables where you can use 1.1, 1.2 scale and barely influence cable dimensions but my cable have small dimensions so I have to use 1.5 scale for insert and that scale influence a lot on cable thickness (since my cable is bend like L profile and 50% increase of thickness normal to scaled axis is just to big)... See attachment... So this method didnt solve my problem.


2.) I also saw people make cable with a lot of segments, and this method is painful and hard. But also since I use "sharp edges" mode I can see all joints as lines which i want to avoid. So this method is also bad solution for me.


3.) I did said 2 methods but there is this third one and I wanna mention it because someone could find this as solution, but its really bad solution. In this case you use animation path line as full and thick line that simulates cable. This could work but only to zoomed out views, but when you zoom in view everything scale up except that path which then appears too thin.


Do anyone have any solution to animate cable bending, flexing, changing position????