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Remove the diameter symbol from configuration name drawn from dimension

Question asked by Geoff Moss on Nov 30, 2017

When we use raw material simply cut to length, no other machining or other features on it, we don't give it a part number. We just call it out in the BOM as, for example, SSRD0.50-303, which is 1/2" stainless steel round bar. Currently we insert a new virtual part into an assembly whenever we need this, and manually name the configuration to the above string, and manually put the length in the Properties so it shows up in the assembly BOM. I am trying to make generic parametric parts for each type of stock material, to streamline this process.


So I made a new part that is simply an extruded round of arbitrary length and diameter, and set the Length property to "D1@Boss-Extrude1@@Default@RAWMAT-SSRD.SLDPRT" which works great, and the Description property to SSRD"D1@Sketch1@@Default@RAWMAT-SSRD.SLDPRT"-303 which also works as intended. However, when I use this same string under Configuration Properties > BOM Options > User Specified Name, it adds a space and diameter symbol to the string, which I do not want.


See attached image: I want the Part Number property to match what the Description property looks like, no spaces or "ø" callout. How can I achieve this?


Edit: I had previously copied and pasted the Length and Description strings incorrectly. They are now fixed but my question remains the same.