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Simulation with spring connector - to simulate locking mechanism between teeth.

Question asked by Samuel Murley on Nov 30, 2017



I am trying to find out the stresses on material on a simple locking mechanism that uses a spring to allow teeth to pass one another when enough force is applied.

I am using a disc spring that allows 0.2mm of deflection when 10N of force is applied.

I believe that the simulation is set up correctly as when I suppress the spring connector all the parts move and behave as I would expect and the simulation runs fine.

However, when I unsuppress the spring connector I am unable to run the simulation.

I receive the error -

'Exception code 0xc0000005 thrown at address 0x1413886d0 in: Star.exe file version 28,1,0,20.

Please press OK to terminate solution'


I wanted to use this simulation to find a good shape and material for the 'teeth'.


I have attached a folder with the Assembly and parts - and the simulation 'static with spring'. I have also added some screenshots showing how the part moves with the spring connector disabled.


If anyone can help or suggest anything it would be greatly appreciated!