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Need someone to make me something simple in SW. Will pay

Question asked by Eoin Coffey on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by Paul Salvador

Hi I'm working on a project in university where we have to conceptualize a product launch and then present it. We need a 3D model of our product ASAP and I'm willing to pay someone to make it for me. I have all the sketches done already I just don't know how to use SW and dont have the time to learn. The 3D model isn't in our brief so this isn't cheating, we just think it will add to our presentation. For someone who knows how to use Solid Works it should be no more than an hours work tops as the design is not complicated. I have used Solid Works in high school but now I have no access to it and forget how to use it anyways. It would be such a help if someone can help me out.


My email is so contact me there.



EDIT: The model doesn't have to be mechanically accurate. Just something that can be rendered to look photo realistic.