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Importing large downloaded models, without downloading secondary software.

Question asked by Verity Jackson on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by Paul Salvador

I have downloaded a model from Thingyverse, but now need to scale it down and split it so it can be 3D printed. I can import it as either a part or a .stl file, but no matter which one I open, I can't then edit it in anyway or measure it. It's coming up in the feature tree as  'STL Graphics 1' so I'm guessing that the cause of the issue is in that format. Does anyone know how to change that format, or if that isn't the issue, what needs to be done so I am able to complete what needs to be done to the model. I am unable to download any other software to do that change for me, so it has top be something that can be done through the software/current windows 7 desktop. Thank you.