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    CAM programming, struggling to understand

    Hazel Sealy

      for our assignment, our group have to CNC mill an injection mould, we've started the programming, but are all pretty clueless on how to actually do it, if anyone could help talk us through how to do it, it would be so helpful.

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          Rick Becker

          Hazel Sealy wrote:

          ... our group have to CNC mill an injection mould, ...


          First off, you attached assembly files without including all of the .SLDPRT files. I assume most of the missing files aren't important to you questions. If that is true, just attach the part file by itself. If that is not true, do a pack & go using the ZIP option and attach the zip file.


          Secondly, you will need to use a CAM programming software (SOLIDWORKS CAM (by CAMWorks), MasterCam, SolidCam, ETC.). Which one are you using. I ask because this would be a better inquiry on the CAM Software's web forum.


          You can CNC machine most of the mold, but you can't mill sharp corner pockets. Almost none of this portion can be machined directly on a VMC...





          You could use you VMC to make an electrode (or a couple of them) and Conventionally EDM that pocket, but, you would still have a problem with some inside radii on the electrode.


          Another option would be to make inserts and WireEDM or laser cut the 1mm thick crown shape (with some pins as well), but you would still have to live with some small corner radii.