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Purchased aluminium profiles in costing

Question asked by Aleksi Kähärä on Nov 30, 2017
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I´m trying to use costing to calculate cost for the old construction and use the same template to figure out the price for our new construction as this is cost reduction project. Our product is a box, with aluminium profiles and sheet metal walls. I tried to scroll through help pages but didn't find anything that would help.


My problem is that we use extruded aluminium profile that is sold to us by the length (euros per meter). I also have the value for price per weight. We buy the profile and cut it and drill it, and it seems that there are sufficient tools to make costing for cutting and drilling holes.


But Solidworks wants to make whole profile as a machined part that is machined from a block of aluminium. As this is not the case the costing doesn't work. Is there a good solution for this problem?


The only solution I know at the moment is to input the custom price for every aluminium profile part that includes the price of the profile and the holes/cutting that it requires. But this is quite manual work.


Thank you in advance.