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PDM File Loss anomaly.  Help troubleshoot??

Question asked by Rodney Martin on Nov 29, 2017
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I have a user that has been doing many changes over the last many weeks.  He know solidworks, and how PDM basically works.  Over the last couple of days, he has had the situation where he has lost work and has had to revert back to the last revisions because his working files have turned up missing.  The interesting thing is that he did save PDFs of the completed drawings, and the time/date stamp on those are correct.. .However, the assembly and drawing file share the same time/date stamp of the previous released revision.  It was like those files were completely deleted, or like a checkout was "undone".  Unfortunately he did NOT checkin these files, so there is no newer version.  At this point, unless there is some obscure directory that SW squirrels away some intermediate versions, we are considering the files lost.  So, what am I trying to accomplish here?


1. To trace down what actually happened so it is not repeated.  This user lost several days of work when 3 of his large assembly changes were lost.

2. Train or correct users and/or software that led to this loss.


Any takers on this one?


One plausible situation could have been that the user, either intentionally or inadvertently, did a "get latest" on the directory, which would have overwritten his files with the vaulted files.  However, that would not explain why the PDF was still good.  There is a vaulted version of that file as well.  I cannot accept that the user worked for over 8 hours, and on three different affected assemblies, without saving all day, and losing his changes.  I'd like to know what you think.