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    I am trying to simulate an oven experiment.

    Alice Xu

      I have a hollow box with an ice pack on the bottom. I want to set the outside of the box at a temperature of 90C, the inside of the box at 23C, and the ice pack at 0C. I'm wondering what thermal loads I should set this simulation at. I originally used temperature set, but when I tried transient I didn't see a change.

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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Alice,

          You would probably run this as a transient thermal analysis.  On the outside of the box you would apply convection definitions for air along with your air temperature (90 Celsius).  You would set the box with an Initial Temperature of 23 Celsius to allow it to start a temperature but change as the analysis proceeds according to outside air temperature and the ice pack temperature.  The ice pack wouldn't be expected to change temperature as we would have to assume it remains ice and does not appreciably melt since the program couldn't handle melting).  Then run the analysis.  You should see the temperature in the box change over time until it reaches equilibrium between air temperature and ice temperature.