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    2018 Branch/Merge: Workflow states

    Craig Schultz

      Has anyone been using the branch/merge functionality yet?


      Which workflow state does the branch file get moved to?  The initial state for SW files??


      When you merge the files back, what state do the files go to?  The same state as the file it was branched from?


      I'm trying to figure out ways to justify the move to PDM 2018 and also figure out how to explain the branch/merge options as a selling point to do so.




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          Ville Makinen

          I tried the feature briefly with Pre release version. As I remember it the PDM creates new files for the files that you want to branch, and they are routed to workflow as a "fresh" file.


          Once you merge back to the original file, you need to check out the original file or atleast need check out rights, not sure if you needed to manually check out or not. If you don't have check out permission, you need to progress the files to a state that does allow it. For example trying  to merge over approved file, you might need to first start new revision to get the file "In Change" and then merge the changed part over.


          To me it seemed that the branch/merge feature does just automate the manual process of saving a duplicate file to test changes before committing to a new revision for an approved part, and also the saving over the original file with the duplicated file. Nothing groundbreaking but it keeps track of the files so they won't get lost.