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The solution of a scientific task with SolidWorks

Question asked by Victor Nachev on Nov 29, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by J. Mather

Good day!


I am faced with the scientific task of building 3D mechanical rock model with dimensions 30x30x60 mm which consists of grains with different minerals and grain's geometry close to the real like in nature and dimensions about 10-1000 nm. After building the model I need to fill grains with their mechanical properties and boundary conditions and study propagation of mechanical fractures in the model in tests with different types of loading.


My questions are the next:


1.Does SolidWorks allow to build a 3D mechanical model with 1-100 millions cells?


2. Does SolidWorks allow to assign mechanical properties and boundary conditions to each cell?


2.1. If the answer "yes" in the question 2, what mechanical properties and boundary conditions are needed for SolidWorks to initialize a model?


3. Does SolidWorks can build a mesh for such model?


4. Does SolidWorks allow to do different tests such as compression and tensile tests?


5. Does SolidWorks allow to calculate fracture propagation in such model?