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    Dell Canvas discussion

    Connor Wells

      Hello SW Community!


      I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to use the Dell canvas at all with solidworks? I saw it at the 2017 SW World event and thought it was a great idea but didn't know how well it would actually translate into a workplace. Any thoughts on this topic are welcome.

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          Chin-loo Lama

          Hi Connor,


          Have you tried the latest SW2018 touch and stylus support on something like a Canvas recently? When we showcased the Canvas in SWW2017, we were still working on some of the improvements you see now in SW2018. So just curious to see if you have ventured further into this tech and have any feedback for us.



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            Connor Wells

            Hello, Chin-loo,

            sorry for the delay, I switched jobs and moved so it threw off my normal habits of checking forums. I did try out the microsoft surface at this last solidworks world event a liked it. If i were to switch i'd go for one of those. I really like the idea of the stylist as i am love the organic sketching system and feel. I believe it still could use some work to still get to the 1:1 feel of actually writing and drawing on a sketch pad.


            Hope that helps, let me know if you have more questions.