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    how to recover corrupted word file

    John Ellis

      Hello,  file is large, 300 pages, weighs almost 20 MB, the archive weighs about 900 KB. (I can't) saved in rtf format, because. doc format is closed permanently. after the regular closing doesn't want to open, writes that the file is corrupted. I looked on the Internet for similar problems and ways of overcoming them. Nothing helps. Two hours already suffer. If not reinstated, I don't know what to do. That labor!

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          Dave Bear

          Hi John,

          This is a long shot but you could try changing the file extension from .doc (or .docx) to .txt and then opening it as a notepad file. Of course, this manner will cause you to lose any special conditions such as tables, word art, font settings, blah, blah, blah but hopefully you will be able to recover the main body of the text and copy and paste into a new word doc and re-format it to your liking.


          Good luck.



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              Matt Peneguy


              Just to elaborate a little on document formats... There was a push a while back to standardize on ODF format.  The idea behind the Open Document Format was to have the file saved as a *.odf file and if you changed the name to *.zip, you could just unzip the file and access several files in the folder.  One file contains the text you typed, the others contain formatting information.  The beauty of this idea is that you would never lose your content because the information you typed would be contained in an ASCI text file.  Microsoft, I think, still allows you to save your files in this format.  But, I believe they did some things that don't actually meet the standard completely.

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              Rick Becker

              Try opening the Word file using Google Docs.

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                  Matt Peneguy

                  Another option is LibreOffice or OpenOffice.  You could try opening it in one of those programs.

                  Sorry to hear all your trouble.  We have transitioned to using Latex for our large documents for reasons such as this.  Word is not meant for large documents and has always given me trouble.  Latex has a steep learning curve, but eliminates these types of problems.

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                  James Britton

                  You should try a professional Word repair tool here that'll help you repair Word file. There are many vendors in the market which provide such tools with demo version for free evaluation. So before you can purchase any such paid software, you must download the free demo version. By using the demo version, you can scan corrupt Word file and check the preview of your file content which you can actually recover. And if you're satisfied with the results, then only you should purchase the software.


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