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    Linear Pattern Zero Instances to Multiple Instances with Design Table

    Seth Haddix

      Hello all,


      How would you go about patterning a rectangle in a 2d sketch so that the number of instances can be controlled by a DT?

      Here's the trick:


      We want to pattern the rectangle up to n times in the Y direction but, but sometimes we want n to equal 1 so that no pattern is produced. N is a value controlled by a design table.


      Is there another way to control the number of rectangles patterened in the sketch with some variable (e.g. n) so that even when n = 1 Solidworks doesn't throw an error saying "Value must be between 2 and 3000)?


      I did explore using a "table driven pattern" and linking the table to an external excel file. I'm still working on that.


      Thanks for your time,