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Linear Pattern Zero Instances to Multiple Instances with Design Table

Question asked by Seth Haddix on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by Benjamin Nielsen

Hello all,


How would you go about patterning a rectangle in a 2d sketch so that the number of instances can be controlled by a DT?

Here's the trick:


We want to pattern the rectangle up to n times in the Y direction but, but sometimes we want n to equal 1 so that no pattern is produced. N is a value controlled by a design table.


Is there another way to control the number of rectangles patterened in the sketch with some variable (e.g. n) so that even when n = 1 Solidworks doesn't throw an error saying "Value must be between 2 and 3000)?


I did explore using a "table driven pattern" and linking the table to an external excel file. I'm still working on that.


Thanks for your time,