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Question asked by Christopher Brown on Nov 29, 2017
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Is there a way to set SolidWorks to look in a default folder for parts if it can't find the part in an assembly?


The usage case is this.


We have on our central server a library of .sldprt files that we have built up over the years to represent 'standard parts'.


When I am in my office at work this is ok because I am connected to the LAN and can easily access these parts.  However if I am working away from my office, I grab the SolidWorks files related to the particular design that I am working on, but not the standard parts.  I can't grab them all as it would take forever trying to track down which ones I've used.  I am aware that I could use pack and go, however this would mean that when I return to the office I have to relink my assembly.


My assemblies only ever point to standard parts or parts in the same folder as the assembly, so apart from the standard parts I never have issues moving my cad models from laptop to server and back etc.


I also know that I could keep a copy of the standard parts library on my laptop, however this would stop people in the office from accessing the models.


So without having to buy PDM works or anything like that, so what I want is for Solidworks to run through the following when I open a .sldasm file


Is file.sldprt available on \\labs2k3\xxxxx

if not goto D:\xxxxx


Then when saving the .sldasm it keeps the labs2k3 reference instead of the D:\ reference.