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With a drawing open, how to automatically edit dimension text of all the existing dimensions?

Question asked by Shuhei Kazuma on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by Shuhei Kazuma

My goal is to create a macro which does the following:


  1. Detect all the dimensions in a currently active drawing
  2. For each dimension, prepend a number surrounded by circle before the existing dimension text, in a incremental basis.


For example, let's say my drawing has 4 dimensions. Each dimension text is:


  1. "<DIM>"
  2. "<DIM>"
  3. "<MOD-DIAM><DIM>"
  4. "<DIM>"


After macro runs, each dimension text must be edited to the following:


1. "<C#-1><DIM>"

2. "<C#-2><DIM>"

3. "<C#-3><MOD-DIAM><DIM>"

4. "<C#-4><DIM>"


This way, each dimension gets a unique number. I believe this is possible but I am new to SolidWorks macro and not sure how to do this. Any help or advice is appreciated.


Thank you