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Ship-Windturbine collision, Solidworks=>Abaqus Simulate welds vs one solid?

Question asked by Aj Prins on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by Aj Prins

Basicaly for my research I need to figure out at what speed the inner hull shatters and the windturbine goes down.


From that speed/force I can calculate back to ship speed, and to wind force creating that speed (as in this case the ships lost engine power for whatever reason)


Back to the start point,
I have a few midship sections of different ships in Rhinoceros Nurbs. I import those into Solidworks and then Import them into Abaqus. These have 2 variations each, one beeing one single solid, the seccond one beeing all different plates and parts. For the reccord one half midship section has about 1500 parts and plates.


I keep running into issues with the parted models, it is near impossible to create all the welds, let alone after importing the fact that abaqus keeps seeing all the solids as independend surfaces.


My question is, do, on a model that scale, the welds make a significant difference? How close will I come to the real values, and will the structure be weaker or stronger than a welded simulation?