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Is there a "reducer" feature in Solidworks that allows for the cutting out of unnecessary material?

Question asked by Olivier Balazy on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by Alex Burnett

I was wondering when making a gear in Solidworks if there was a tool/feature that allows the organic/non-organic reduction of unnecessary material. I want to make a gear as light as possible but, still keeping its strength making sure it won't break. With the advances in machine learning and very high computation power of many computers, I wondered if Solidworks could the enable the organic or not organic reduction of material from a part. For example, when I make a thin gear I could choose faces that I would preserve and the amount of stress the teeth would have to endure. Then Solidworks can try to randomly take away material by cutting out shapes from the non preserved areas of the gear(between the teeth and center hole), with machine learning it can use successful cuts and build from them instead of having to constantly randomly cut out material, eventually leading to a very light gear. It doesn't have to be a gear, I'm just using a gear as an example and many gear designs have holes to lighten them. With advances in AI and machine learning in some other programs, I wonder if Solidworks has this sort of feature that I did not hear of(if it exists). Attached is a very bad paint drawing of the before and after for the example gear.