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Graphics Display Time Significantly Larger than Expected

Question asked by Travis Taylor on Nov 27, 2017

I have a decent sized assembly, image of performance eval below, and have a simple drawing of said assembly.  However, this drawing is taking excessive amounts of time to load.  I have made drawings from this particular assembly before with no issue, and Perf. Eval of that drawing will also be included as a reference.  As a side note, the view shown to have long load time is the section view of the reference drawing, with only a crop applied to it.  Any ideas what could be going on?  SolidWorks 2016 if that information is relevant.  I have also tried transferring the files utilizing a pack and go to local storage to determine if that was causing some issues, but there were no performance improvements.


Edit:  The major issue is that even simple commands on the problematic drawing take 30s+, such as mousewheel zoom.  Simply annotating the document would be an all day affair at that pace.


Performance Eval from main Assembly



Problematic drawing's performance evaluation




Performance evaluation from drawing made from same assembly