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DXF file to 3D Model

Question asked by Felix Grosshans on Nov 27, 2017
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for my bachelors thesis I have to recreate end mills (three certain ones) and do simulative tasks with it within Solidworks.

The company that produces the end mills has been so kind and gave me their CAD - Data. Sadly its a DXF file from AutoCAD I think.


At university I learned CAD with a different program, so I'm completely new to solidworks.


My idea now was to import the DXF as an 2D part, mark the drawing, use the 2D to 3D option and create a new sketch with a middle line, then using the revolved Boss/Base feature to create a 3D part in SW.


Sadly this doesn't work. I see the problem here too, yet I'm lost in finding another way. Tutorials and Youtube videos just showed how to attach certain sides of a drawing to create a 3D part within SW.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you need any further information please ask, and I'll see if I can explain it or upload a picture or else.


Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany,