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    How to remove unused folder card variables?

    Grant Kirkland

      I moved files from a folder with folder card data (customer, project, etc) to a top level folder without folder card data and I'm having a hell of a time removing the variables.


      I want file test1 ProjectDescription and MachineDescription to be blank as this component will no longer be in a specific project/machine folder.

      I've deleted the variables from custom and configuration specific properties, I've replaced the text with a space " ", I've check in and out. No dice. The text is still there...


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          Jeff Sweeney

          As you are seeing, simply removing the custom property isn't going to be enough.


          In your example, if "test1.sldprt"'s card does not have ProjectDescription and MachineDescription variables, but they have been assigned values in the past, the only "legal" way would be to temporarily add these variables to the card, remove their values, then you can remove the variable again from the card.