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Solidworks PDM API static AddFiles method (C#)

Question asked by R. Klingel on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by R. Klingel


I'm looking for a way to check in files posted from a webserver.


The current method I'm looking into is writing the files to an EPDM Vault via the webserver and then checking it in using the "Folder.AddFiles" method using a C# console application.

The console application is running in a static context and I want to pass it via args[] the path of the file, and some additional info to fill in the file options like e.g. mbsNewName.

I can log in to the vault and read file descirptions but now the "Folder.AddFiles" method expects the window handle, the files options and a callback.

Which I don't have in this context.


I tried passing it the handle I got from "GetConsoleWindow" and implementing a static, empty "IEdmCallback6".


To keep things short:

Is there an example somewhere for this ?

Is there any other way like e.g. using the EPDM Web client to do so ?

Finally this should result in a restful api where I can post files to the server.


Thank you in advance!