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dissapearing drawings [sw 2016]

Question asked by Damir Galic on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by Damir Galic

For some unknown reason this still wasn't fixed in solidworks 2016. Although on new drawing this rarely happens if at all. I opened some old drawing (I think it was sw2011 version) and I had the "view dissapearing" problem. Common problem when drawing automatically changes views to "draft quality". Once you click "high quality" the views dissapear and i can't bring them back unless I change display state to "shaded with edges" - that brings back option to choose high or draft quality and it sets views to draft quality.

I saved all documents to new version and the problem still presists. If I copy/paste views to new document, it's still the same problem. What could cause that? Because the assembly is pretty small compared to other that I've done in the past.