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How to open higher version file in lower version ?

Question asked by Hardik Patel on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by Adam Humphries

Hello everyone,


I need to open SW 2017 files in SW 2014. Now the scenario is, I need to make model in SW 2014 by taking the reference from SW 2017 part files. So I cannot convert that SW 2017 file to step file and work in SW 2014.


Actually, I'm looking for an alternate way. By any chance, is it possible to see that SW 2017 model tree so that I can replicate it in SW 2014. I tried saving that SW 2017 part file as e-drawing file, but there is no model tree available in e-drawing. I don't want to edit SW 2017 part file, but just need to see the model tree so that I can get to know the way that model initially made.


Any help will be highly highly appreciated....!!!


Hardik =]