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Question asked by Brian Robinson on Jan 27, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2009 by Ian Hogg
Hello, when I try to go to Tools - Options in a large assembly the 64-bit PC works at something for several minutes (15 to 20). This is the same on the 32-bit PC as well. I did find, however, that if the assembly was loaded lightweight, then Tools - Options is instantaneous.

One subassembly that has 10 subassemblies and 63 parts takes about 15 minutes to perform Tools - Options when fully resolved. The main assembly of the aircraft simply takes longer as more work is done to the aircraft design. We are forced to make all components lightweight first.

Placing the assembly and files on the desktop makes no difference. It takes about 70 seconds to perform Tools - Options on a small subassembly. We installed SolidWorks 2009 SP 1 on the 32-bit PC and found that this is still an issue. The CPU Usage skyrockets to 99% while performing this task.

I ran SolidWorks RX to clean all files, removed SolidWorks 2008, removed all occurrences of SolidWorks from the registry and removed all file names and folders related to SolidWorks on the 64-bit PC. I installed SolidWorks 2009 immediately followed by SP 1. I did some testing with it and found that Tools - Options works instantaneously now.

I activated the Tools - Add-Ins - SolidWorks Flow Simulation and later found that Tools - Options is bogged down again. After disabling the Add-In it worked fine again. I finally got somewhere. This also has the same affect on the 32-bit PC.

I just upgraded the 64-bit PC to SP 2, opened and fully resolved a large assembly file, performed Tools - Options, and it came up instantaneously. I enabled the Flow Simulation Add-In, performed Tools - Options, and Whammo! My PC is bogged down running full steam ahead on some unknown computations.

Our SolidWorks supplier has been working on this issue for quite a while with no resolution yet. Has anyone else found a reason as to why would this Add-In cause an issue with Tools - Options?

Peter Ferreira