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How to change the system default welding bead size.

Question asked by Ken Kobmann on Nov 25, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by Ken Kobmann

I don't generally use the Weld Bead feature in Solidworks. Like most everyone else I simply just insert a Weld Symbol annotation. Unfortunately, we are launching a new product and I am trying to reduce the amount of trips to my office with questions regarding weld bead locations. I have found the feature to be brutally and pain stakingly slow. But I have run into an issue I can't figure out. Whenever I insert, let's say, a .250" weld bead, the next time I insert a weld bead it has remembered my last weld bead size of .250". My issues is whenever I start up Solidworks (2017 SP3) the default weld bead size is .18751969", and if I want to insert a .1875 weld bead, I have to delete the .00001969" off the end and keep going. But unlike any other size of weld bead I insert, only a weld bead size of 3/16"/.1875" will revert back to .18751969", causing me to have to deleting the last four digits every time. I have tried deleting the whole number out of the size box and inserting .1875", highlighting the .18751969" and inserting .1875", or doing the same things but using 3/16 instead of decimals but nothing works. The units in the document's properties are set at 2 place. The weldment I am currently working on has hundreds of 1" weld, 90% of which are 3/16". I probably wouldn't mind changing the dimension so much if it were just a few weld beads. And my OCD won't just allow me to leave it at .18751969".


Thanking you guys in advance for always bailing me out as usual.


Note: I updated the last part of the question so it was comprehensible, and so it didn't sound like I need a stay at the Betty Ford. Sorry.

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