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Drawing views as behaves as bitmap/pixelated

Question asked by Daniel Andersson on Nov 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2017 by Daniel Andersson

I have been searching for an answer for this in fourm and other sites. Even called the support but after more than 10minutes in que I hung up. Thought that I will raise the question in this forum instead...


I made a copy of a exsting drawing and the referenced assembly, parts etc. Once I had updated the design I started to update the drawing. Now, a new experience came to me. When I pan or zoom the drawing the views looks like low res bitmaps (pixelated). Didn't pay so much attention to it, but once I print to printer or save as PDF a number of the views is lost at the printed paper/PDF. Furthermore, the PDF shows that the views are low quality bitmaps and not vector based as they usually are. I have tried to change the settings in SolidWorks of quality of one or two views but the issues remains, I also checked the document properties but I could not point out what setting could trigger this.


Other drawings just works fine....


Any advice what may have gone wrong with this drawing?

I would like to share the drawing, but do not have permission to do so.


Best regards