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    Features defined in the context of another assembly

    Tyler D.


      I'm getting the "This part has features defined in the context of another assembly <old version.sldasm>..."


      I've done some searching on the forum and see that checking tools> options> system options> external references> allow multiple contexts will solve this but it is usually accompanied with a cautionary warning to only do that if you know what you're doing.  I have no shame in admitting I have no idea what that is doing and so am wary of checking it.


      My scenario is I have an electronics enclosure; outline of PCB came from offset of enclosure; mated PCB to enclosure; mated connectors to PCB; then using connectors and Intersection Curve to place the cutouts through the enclosure for the connectors.


      I will not be going back to "old version.sldasm" so am fine to break the association with the old assembly, but would like them to be associated with the new assembly.  I can edit the new enclosure, and the error only pops up once I click the connector when trying Intersection Curve.  So are the links I'm looking to break on the connector?  The old enclosure?  Or the new enclosure?