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How to update the hole size tolerence in Tool box hole wizard?

Question asked by Arun Kizahke Kuruminiyil on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2017 by Arun Kizahke Kuruminiyil

Hello all ,

I have copied the DME hole standard and want to change the tolerance of the  Ejector pin holes. For example we are using the following dimension for 1” ejector pins (CB Dia 1.3125 x 0.252 dp cbore, Ø 1.0625 thru) but in DME standard we have the following dimensions based on the fit ( Close fit-0.9950in, Normal fit-1 In and loose fit- 1.0050in) . Iam able to update the counter bore diameter and depth but couldn't update the tolerance of the hole.I have updated the screw clearance value according to our company standard but its reflecting only in Socket Head Cap Screw  Holes. Now  we are  updating  the hole size every time manually and its difficult to change in big ejector plate.Please let me know if any one has a solution for this issue.