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    Constant Not Responding issues

    Jacob Murray

      I need some advice on what could be causing constant issues with Solidworks not responding. Over the years I have lost mountains of work and money because my computer/Solidworks decides to pack it in and stop responding at random points. I don't know what is causing it but I get it with other programs as well such as Word. This is when using my laptop and home PC and has spanned across different operating systems (Windows 7 and 10) and hardware.


      I don't want to put up with this problem anymore and I want to know what steps I can take to fix it. Should I look at getting certain hardware (Quadro's and Xeon's) or change over to another operating system of some sort? Does anyone know a sure fire way to permanently fix this?

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          Glenn Schroeder

          I've never seen that with Word.  Typically with SW if it's taking some time to create an operation, and you click somewhere without giving it enough time, you'll get an error message, which many people think means you need to close SW when in fact you just need to be patient.

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              David Matula

              As Glen said being patient will sometimes solve the problem.  The other thing I would take a look at is the network connection.   If there is a problem with that it can cause you all kinds of trouble. 

              The thing is to save often with the program so that you do not loose work,  Check your backup settings also.  If you are saving an auto backup every 3 min and you hare constantly having to spend lots of time on the network sending data back and forth it makes it hard to get work done.

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              Jason Young

              a little patience might help, saving routinely has gotten me out of jail several times.

              also try and up your system spec, Id like to think you are under-gunned in this area??