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How to dimension/show weld bead in drawing??

Question asked by Jacob Murray on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2017 by Jason Young

I have an assembly and I have place Weld Bead stitching (Assembly > Assembly Features > Weld Bead) in many places. It took me ages getting it right, but now when I make the drawing, they are not showing in the wireframe model (Hidden with edges) but I can see them in the shaded model (Shaded with edges). Although I can see them in the shaded one, there is no way to dimension them. I also can't get the actual weld details to show.


I don't understand the difference between the Weldments and Weld Bead tool, but I expected if you can put welds in the assembly, they would show up in the drawing. Otherwise what is the point of the Weld Bead tool?


Can someone tell me how I use my existing Weld Beads I put in the assembly, and get their details to show up in the drawing?