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    Auto adding unwanted parts to new assembly

    Igor K.

      Hey all,


      I've got a weird thing going on with new assemblies i make which drives me crazy.

      Every time i want to start a new assembly from a certain part (Part 8 for example in the picture attached) it's auto adding those 2 fixed unwanted parts

      "MINER...." which i have no idea what are those

      I work alot with models of other compaines so it might be 1 of the parts of their product.


      I've tried to find something online about this but nothing came up, checked SW options to see if there is an option for that and couldn't really find anything.

      So right now i delete those 2 parts and have to make the new part fix (as u can see the part8 is floating and not auto fixed as it should be)


      How do i get things back to normal?