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Using base features as mates - how is this wrong?

Question asked by Rodney Martin on Nov 22, 2017
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Guys, I have to apologize in advance.  I am an unwilling SW user, after being conditioned by 20years with PTC.  I have intimate knoweledge of how Pro/E & Creo function.  It has been a very difficult transition for me.  I still call my learning SW as SW "Intox", not PTC "detox"!  Here is one reason why, and my question.


It is very common method to assemble components together using base datum planes and csys.  It is a VERY stable way of making assemblies, because at that point, geometry is irrelevant and assemblies can never fall apart if you use those as references.  Well... at least in Creo. 


My specific question:


I have a NEW assembly.  I am trying to assemble another assembly into this one, as my first component.  I am trying to align the base csys in the assembly with a base csys in the main component of the other assembly (NOT the base csys of the other assembly... but one of the part's Csys).  So... why is solidworks buggering out and telling me that I cannot do it because there is some relationship issue between components in that other assembly???  Why should it care?


Now for my basic concern...


It is a fundamental belief of mine that you should be able to assemble components into assemblies ALL DAY, and no matter how I do it, how many times I do it, what references I use for assembly, and how many references I use for the assembly should have NO BEARING on the part or assembly of which I am assembling.  Why is solidworks concerned about the internal condition of these parts, and eventually ask me to save them, when my use of them in assemblies have absolutely no reason to change the parts themselves?


I dont know if I explained that well, but I think you get the drift.  Basically. I should not have to revise/checkout/checkin/rerelease a part just for the fact that I used it somewhere in an assembly.  Am I missing something here?   It sure seems that is what it is having me to do. 


Your help is greatly appreciated.