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    Revision table anchor

    Wayne Tiffany
      Ok, I give up. I have searched high and low and this doesn't make sense. I decided to look at Revision tables again and I wish to set an anchor point. Easy? Would be except my option to Attach to anchor point is greyed out. Why? Probably because I don't have a Revision table anchor. In the tree under Sheet Format1, the only thing there is the BOM anchor. So, the question is - how do I get one there?? What have I missed??? Grrrrrrrr........

      Just a thought - we have EPDM2009 - could that be affecting things? I don't have the add-in turned on, but maybe there is still some interaction.

      SW2009 SP2.0

        • Revision table anchor
          Matt Feider
          It is pretty easy. Just open your template file, go into 'Edit Sheet Format' and with any point that you want to become the anchor right click. There is an option to 'Set Anchor' and then several types. You can choose from General Table, BOM, Hole Table, and lastly Revision Table. You are right once selected there will be an additional lock point indicated in the tree and now you will be able to attach those revision tables to their associated anchor points.

            • Revision table anchor
              Wayne Tiffany
              Worked fine - thanks.

              Now, here is what I found in the Help:
              Each type of annotation table has its own anchor point in a drawing sheet format.
              To set a table anchor point:
              In the FeatureManager design tree, expand Sheet Format for the active drawing sheet.
              Right-click the anchor you want to set and select Set Anchor. Choose from:
              Bill of Materials Anchor
              Hole Table Anchor
              Weldment Cut List Anchor
              Revision Table Anchor
              Click in the graphics area to specify the anchor point.
              I also now found this:
              You can also right-click a sketch point in the sheet format, and select Set as Anchor, one of the table anchors. The anchor point is highlighted, and its visibility toggles when you click the icon.
              Seems like it shouldn't have been that hard to find. Thanks. At least someone else can now find this post about establishing an anchor point.