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Is there a way to get 2 identical Flexible Subassemblies to behave exactly alike in a Top Assembly without mates?

Question asked by Ken Kobmann on Nov 22, 2017
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I have simple assembly with 9 part and 24 mates. It is a simple slide Take-up for a conveyor. It has a screw mate so that when you turn the nut on the threaded rod the pillow block bearing mounting plate will slide in the tubing. The problem starts when I bring 2 of these take-up slide assemblies into a top level assembly. I mate the 2 subassemblies to their own plane, offset equally from the front plane and driven by equation. Then I mate the Top and Right Planes in each assembly to the top level assemblies Top and Right plane. I've also tried mating one of the subassemblies to the top level planes and then mating the other subassembly to the first subassembly. At this point all is good except that the slide in each subassembly works independently from the other. If I try to mate the 2 slides together then it becomes over mated. The only thing I can think of is to "Save as" the slide so that one version has a screw mate and the other does not. and then mate the slides together. The only issue with that is that when I check it into the Vault, it will save the modified part as a new part, which it isn't. So, my question is, is there a way to make an assembly act in a way that all incidences of that subassembly all act or do the same thing? So if one is moving they're all moving? I'm not sure if it can be done with a configuration, as I know very little about them? In the 7 years I've been using Solidworks I haven't used configurations very much. We were told that configurations and EPDM didn't play well together by are VAR. So all of our products have a master that is equation driven outside the vault. We use that to configure a product, "Save As", remove all equations from the "Save As", and check it into the vault. Thanks in Advance.


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