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Measuring CAD team productivity

Question asked by Oli Sparrow on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2017 by Dustin Perreault


I will shortly be starting a new job as a Senior Solidworks Technician, and manager of the CAD department.  I'll be coming from a small manufacturer and beginning with a larger, more corporate-cultured business.

I will need/want to start keeping track of productivity of my team (accuracy, success of design, drawing throughput etc.) using various metrics to be able to quantify and evidence the progress of individual staff and the department as a whole.


I have some initial ideas one what to measure and how to do it but I was wondering if any of you currently have systems in place that you might be willing to share and discuss.


I will also be taking over administration of their PDM environment (even though I've never used it before) and wondered if there were tools or reporting capabilities in Solidworks PDM that might help with this?