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SLUGME 2017 Recap

Discussion created by Daniel Ferrucci-Herzberg on Nov 22, 2017
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One week ago tonight, all across the world, SolidWorks User Groups came together to take part in the greatest CAD community event of all time, SolidWorks Largest User Group Meeting Ever - SLUGME!  Hundreds of SolidWorks users, vendors, resellers, students and employees converged on their local user group meetings on the same night to take part in this historic event. Each group watched a simulcast presentation of some of the most useful SolidWorks tips and tricks, broadcast by Todd Blacksher, leader of the SolidWorks User Group of Nebraska (SwugOne). Even SolidWorks CEO Gian Paolo Bassi welcomed attendees to this incredible event.


GPB SLUGME Welcome Final - YouTube


An incredible number of groups from around the world joined the event, including groups as far as Colombia, India, and Australia. The map below shows every group that participated in SLUGME this year.



Each group was asked to submit statistics about their meetings - everything from total headcount to number of pizzas consumed. Now, we've compiled all that data from every SLUGME group worldwide, and we're able to share it with you, to illustrate how massive this event truly was.


Artboard 2 copy 2 (1).png


Total SWUG Groups: 63

Total SLUGME Attendees: 1,343

Average Attendees per Group: 21.3

VAR Attendees: 79 (5.9%)

Vendor Attendees: 48 (3.6%)

SolidWorks Attendees: 27 (2.0%)

SWUG User Members: 1,189 (88.5%)

Average User Members per Group: 18.9


First Time SWUG Attendees: 342 (25.5%)

Average First Time Attendees per Group: 5.4

Students: 209 (17.6% of user members)

Average Students per Group: 3.3

Certified Users: 380 (32.0% of user members)

Average Certified Users Per Group: 6.0

Total Certifications: 1,183 (That’s 1 certification for every user!)

Average certifications per certified member: 3.1

Average certifications per group: 18.8

SolidWorks World 2018 Attendees: 206 (17.3%)

Average SolidWorks World 2018 Attendees per Group: 3.3


Total Years of SolidWorks Experience: 9,159

Average Years of Experience per User: 7.7

Average Years of Experience per Group: 145.4


Total Number of Pizzas Ordered: 434

Average Pizzas per Person: 0.32

Average Pizzas per Group: 6.9


Look out for even MORE details about SLUGME - and the groups and leaders who made it all possible - at SolidWorks World 2018 in LA!