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    Restore Static Simulation?

    Stephen Carson

      I have an assembly that has multiple configurations, and static studies associated with them.

      When recently opening this .sldasm I noticed that "study 2" was gone and only "study 1" and "study 3" remained.


      I have .BD2, .BDF, .CWR, .LOG, & .SL3 extensions for all 3 studies, but "study 2" is no longer a tab in the .sldasm.


      Can anything be done to restore this study?


      I tried unchecking and rechecking the "load all studies" option in Simulation, but no change.



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          Umberto Zanola

          CWR file store the results and the other are temporary files IIRC, try to contact your VAR: with the assembly alone they can try to recover the lost content.

          Another option is to enable "load all studies" in simulation options and hope the program recovers all the tabs.


          I had a lot of data loss in simulation and I quit using the configurations completely as it seem to cause a lot of issues unfortunately.

          Also switching from one configuration to another seems to confuse SW on the update status of the scenario making exclamation marks pop up here and there.

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            Richard Bunce


            not certain to work in this case, but worth trying (as usual, when dealing with Simulation Problems), because it helped in cases of similar Problems:

            -erase all tmp data (C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp)

            -run SWXRx

            -erase all files dealing with study 2 ( .BD2, .BDF, .CWR, .LOG a.s.o.)



            Good luck


            BTW: because of These Problems, I make a backup, usually on daily basis