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    Sloping a corner

    Jeremy Nemetz

      Hello all,


      I just got into solidworks this quarter and overall I like it, before solidworks my go to was sketchup and I really liked how malleable everything was in that. I was wondering if there was an easy way to slope and bend objects like I could in sketchup where I'd just grab a corner and pull it down or move an edge downward and it'd bend at the next point it was connected to?

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          Rob Edwards

          Hi Jeremy


          Like you I moved to SW from Sketchup and I think you'll really enjoy/prefer it when you get the hang of it.  SW is history based meaning that the software records all the steps you take to create your model, whereas Sketchup is more like direct editing.  There are direct editing commands in Solidworks and it is possible to use it in a similar way to Sketchup using Instant3D and Direct editing commands like Move Face.  Whilst this is fun it may not be the best way.


          The features that you create are mostly based on sketches, so if you want to change something, you can change the sketch and the models rebuilds.  This is equally amazing and annoying, a good model will respond well to changes but sometimes changing something will cause rebuild errors.  It is difficult to offer too much advice, I recommend that you study the tutorials, help files, youtube etc and most definitely stay tuned to this forum and ask questions specific to what you are trying to do.  SW is waaay more powerful than Sketchup but this means there is a bit of a learning curve.. good luck.


          I'm still on my first coffee of the day so not woken up properly yet but I made you a quick video that might give you some ideas.