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    Arrows in drawing docs

    Gordon Metcalfe
      I probably posted about this problem previously.

      I wonder if anyone else is experiencing anything like this in drawing docs.
      When I print to paper, about half of the stems from the arrows are either entirely missing or dashed lines, or solid lines up to the jog and then turn dashed.
      Also, in this mode, about half of the lines in the border and title block are not visible.
      Secondly, in PDF printing I get a hatch font, which I usually find to be faint in Adobe print jobs, that is coming out super black, heavier than primary edges. in some instances, they even bleed over the boundaries of the section.

      I am using an HP Businessjet 2800 med. format printer, brand new, and I have been on the line with HP support with no luck. Every other application prints crisply except SW and the reseller seems to be coming up empty-handed.

      Yes, my graphics driver is the vendor certified version and the HP driver is the latest (I have tried them all, all 2 of them).
      Can't say I ever had problems printing straight out of SolidWorks before, at least to paper. Occasionally, PDFs can be a little funky but printing hatch has never been a problem till now.