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    PDM Standard or Professional Vaults

    Robert Unoski

      Can PDM Standard or Professional use multiple vaults,and

        can PDM use a vault at a different location on the network, ie NAS Drive




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          Martin Solem



          Number of vaults:

          The limitation is licenses and concurrent users. You can have as many vaults as you'd like both on Standard and Professional.

          Note that there is no possibility to automatically exchange data between vaults. Normally we only set up a production- and a sandbox vault, but departments that doesn't exchange data can of course have their own vaults.


          About the different locations, depending on what you mean:

          • PDM Standard does not support replicated archive servers or SQL database replication. It does support storing the archive data on a NAS, if that is what you mean.
          • PDM Professional supports replicated archive servers (archive files are replicated between geographic sites). It also supports replicating the SQL database (2017->, requires SQL Enterprise licenses, and is for read-only queries. Write operations will still contact the main SQL server). It supports storing archive files on a NAS.


          As long as you have a LAN or WAN, you can use PDM in different locations. Important firewall ports are 1433, 1434 (SQL), 3030 (archive server), 25734, and 25735 (license server).