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Assembly Cuts Not Intersecting Part

Question asked by Rodney Martin on Nov 21, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by Dan Humes

I am trying to intox into Solidworks from Creo.  Doing assembly cuts in creo was very easy.  It appears that the same logic is in Solidworks, but there is no resulting cut.  The pics are few, so I just cannot imagine what I'm doing wrong.  I cannot get any "Assembly Feature" to remove material, no matter which feature I try.  I have done extruded cuts, revolved cuts, hole wizard... nothing.   This is really too easy to do it wrong.  But, alas.... no cuts.  BTW, I do NOT want to propogate the features into the parts.  These cuts ONLY apply at the assembly level, and should be done that way.


Is there an issue, or is this capability merely to tease me?