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    Pin the "Move/Rotate Component" menu to top in Assembly?

    Taylor Hill

      I just had my work computer completely rebuilt and now I'm seeing a weird behavior in Solidworks that I can't figure out how to fix. I've googled quite a bit and I'm at a loss.


      Formerly, clicking on "Move/Rotate Component" in an Assembly would automatically surface the menu for that function to the top on the left of the screen.

      After reinstalling, Solidworks keeps the Feature Tree visible on the top, and opens the "Move/Rotate" menu underneath it.


      I can double-click the divider between the Feature Tree and the menu to bring the menu all the way to the top, hiding the Feature Tree - is there a way to get this to happen automatically?


      I'm currently running Solidworks 2017 SP4.1. Before the reinstall, I was running 2017, but I'm fairly certain it was an earlier Service Pack.


      Thanks for any tips you have!

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          Jim Wilkinson

          HI Taylor,


          Is this happening on a specific document or all new documents. The setup of the manager area on the left is saved with each document; so that means the width of the manager area, whether it is split or not, etc. If it is a specific document, just double click or drag it up as you have said and save the document and then it should no longer be split the next time it is opened.


          If it is all new documents, you must have it split in your document template, in which case you need to open the document, remove the split, and then save the document template.


          I hope this helps,


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              Taylor Hill

              This is happening in all documents, and dragging the menu up and then saving doesn't fix it when re-opening the document.


              I double-checked the new templates I saved when Solidworks was reinstalled and they seem to have the menu on top. But I have been having trouble with templates recently, so it's possible that the template issue is also causing the workspace/menu layout not to be saved correctly.


              Thanks for the suggestion! It's a good place to start if I have to escalate this to IT.