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Healed imported part creates errors when bodies suppressed

Question asked by Tom Gagnon on Nov 20, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2017 by Richard Gergely

I had an imported file, a STEP, which successfully went through Import diagnostics before using it. Now, we are removing bodies from it to physically remove and locate elsewhere. I created a configuration for stuff removed, and began suppressing surface and solid bodies (mostly surfaces). When some bodies were suppressed, they re-created errors in other surfaces which were formerly healed and non-erroneous. After switching back to Default configuration, the newly re-error'ed bodies are back to healed status. This is particularly troublesome because Import Diagnostics are no longer available upon this file because other manual repair features were added to it as patch surfaces for whole faces missing after I.D. heals.


A few Questions:

* This is normal, errors reappearing upon suppression of other bodies?

* There's no way to access Import Diagnostics once features have been added?

* Is 2018 any better with this than 2016?


Also, from a thread earlier this year, Dan Pihlaja used a product called TransMagic to repair / convert an imported file. I checked that product out. I like it a lot. For what I need and scales of economy, it is cost-prohibitive. Dang. If that would work here without much fuss, I'd like to ask a favor of anyone able to help similarly, and I can share either current manipulated Part file or original STEP file for that purpose.


* Is a 3rd party handler really the only and best solution?


Ref 2016 SP5.


Edit: I managed to ask whole issue without using the word "resurfacing". Error puns don't help.