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    11/20/17 windows 10 update no good for SW

    Shane Kozlowski

      I don't know if anyone else is seeing this issue or not but here's what i experienced.

      I started up my computer this morning and windows started updating, i let it do its work because its usually necessary and non detrimental. I could not use or create any drawings, my program was highly unstable, and my support representative actually crashed SW with the escape key. needless to say i reverted back to the older version of windows (which is apparently only an option for 10 days after the update) and now everything is working fine. I am running solidworks 2018 sp0.1 on windows 10 with a Boxx APEX2. I hope this can help someone before they spend 8 hours on it like i did today.

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          Maha Nadarasa

          I am having Solid Works 2018 sp0.1 on windows 10. So far I have no complain. If you are precise about your problem I can check. I do know whether I got the latest update.  

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              Shane Kozlowski

              This is the message that i got from my VAR. one of these is what was causing my issues


              Message from Support:

                Hi Shane
              Here are the updates that went through.
              Windows updates:
              Feature update to Windows 10, version 1709
              Quality updates:
              2017-11 Security Update for Adobe Flash player (KB4048951)
              Update for Windows 10 Version 1709 for x64-Based Systems (KB4041994)
              Have a great Thanksgiving!

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                  Steve Field

                  Hi Shane, I've had a nighmare following the Windows 10 feature update to version 1709.

                  I'm running SW2017 SP5. The first thing I noticed after the update were error messages from Kaspersky AV which had failed to start the SolidWorks was attempting to install before failing and rolling back. Any attempt to start SolidWorks would initiate the install & fail routine.

                  The error messages typically referred to a failure to register RhinoSWATLCOMu.dll.

                  I figured I'd uninstall and reinstall but since I couldn't load the program to hand back the license, I just left the license and tried anyway.

                  The uninstall did not finish properly:


                  and the subsequent reinstallation(s) also failed.:


                  I did eventually fix the problem following advice I found on a similar issue (relating to 1603 error code fix)

                  (desperate stuff!  I can not recommend this approach but it did work for me.


                  I logged in as Administrator with AV & Firewall off I ran each of the executables I found at:

                  C:\Users\Steve\Documents\SOLIDWORKS Downloads\SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP05\prereqs

                  I worked through each of the folders here. In the VBA folder I ran  vba71.msi  &  vba71_1033.msi as hovering over the others indicated they related to foreign languages.


                  I'm sure this must sound crazy, stabbing around in the dark like this but after a reboot I logged back in as Administrator, turned off FW & AV and had a successful install of SolidWorks 2017 SP5