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Simulation of check valve in fluid flow system

Question asked by Jannis Wachter on Nov 20, 2017
Latest reply on May 28, 2018 by Mumtaz Khan

Hello Guys,


i am in constrution of a complex fluid flow system which is having own designed rotary valves to dynamically switch fluid between pipes (this effect leads to the alternating flow over time on the left side of the attached picture). In the real system there will be a part, where fluid flow is bidirectional over time (middle part in the picture). To allow this, the part has 4 connectors - two inlets, two outlets. To define those, in the real system they will be equipped with check valves (see right side of the picture). So i was asking myself (and also trying) to simulate a check valve with some tricks. For example with porous media to define unidirectional flow, but there will be no possibilty to define it as onedirectional. Also tried to do something with defining a wall as ideal wall with wall motion, but this doesnt work either.


Can you figure out how a possibilty could look like to simulate a check valve in a time-dependent model?


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